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TITLE: Review: Angel Face reminds me of Pornstar Gauge
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brentmax: Date: June 3, 2012
Provider: Angel Face
Phone: given after screening
Email Address:
URL / Website:
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Address: Hotel near Galleria
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: LFK, DFK, DATY til her climax, BBBJ, RCG, spin and grind
Session Length: 2 hr
Fee: $$$$$
Hair Length and Color: medium length sandy brown hair
Age: 22
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: Exquisite petite young lady with perfectly tanned skin, tight and tone. Proportions and her look remind me a lot of Porn Star Gauge.
The Rest of the Story: Met Angel at her incall, and she greeted me with a hug and a kiss. We hadn't see each other in a while due to my work / travel schedule.
We talked a bit to get re-acquainted, picked out some music for us to listen to and I got comfortable. She was fresh out of the shower wearing a cute little satin cover up which she loosened for me to explore her playground. We kissed lightly and then deeply as I caressed her soft skin. As my hands wandered down from her beautiful breasts to her hips, her legs started to open, inviting me to taste her sweet nectar.
I blew lightly on her lower lips which caused her to raise them up toward me. I touched her lightly with my tongue and heard her take in a deep breath of air. So I continued. Swirling my tongue around, darting it in and out of her, flicking her pierced clit, I drove her wild. At one point she asked me to focus on 2 oclock, so I focused my energy and pressure on her excitement point. Nearing climax, she had me stop, and she wanted to get to work on me.
We changed positions and she started working on Jr. My god, this girl can suck dick. I don't mean to be crude, but O-M-G. She licked and sucked, slobbered and rubbed, and brought Jr. to full attention. Several times I looked down and the sight of my cock in her mouth was simply amazing. She repositioned herself so she was a little more directly over it and started to take it deep, which felt oh so very good. But I didn't want to pop this way, so I had her stop and told her I wanted her on top of me.
We covered up and she started cowgirl, lowering that oh-so-tight pussy down on my cock. She pushed all the way down on me and started to grind, undulating her hips back and forth like she hadn't had a dick inside her in a long time. She leaned forward, raised up her hips and then started pumping her pussy up and down on me - what a great feeling and a helluva sight too!
Feeling the pressure building, I had her slow down, which she did. She took it slow and easy, continuing to grind me, but slowly and gently for such a good feeling.
She then raised up her legs, spun around with me inside her and commenced to grind me RCG style. She stretched her legs out performing the splits with my cock inside her, and the view of that hourglass figure perched on top of my dick was awesome.
She pulled her legs back in, leaned forward, grabbed my lower legs and starting pounding that pussy down on my cock. She alternated pounding and grinding, and then found an angle / spot where she was totally feeling me bottoming out inside her.
She ground hard, undulating her hips and I raised up my hips to try and get deeper inside her, all resulting in our mutual climax together. It's not often that happens at all, much less with a provider.
After her climax, she slowly worked her way off of me and went for a quick cleanup.
We laid chatting about various things, both totally spent, looking forward to our next meeting.
Recommendation: Yes

killswitch321: I wanna meet pornstar Gauge one day. name: Killswitch in Gauge!

SayWhat: Well written review. She looks tasty.